Totti kertoo ratsastuskilpailustaan.


I went horseback competition in Vironlahti on Saturday. I woke up at 6 a clock. My mother drove me there by a car. We started at 6.30 in the morning. Then we arrived to Vironlahti at 9.45 am. At 10 am we had a horse draw. Then we were introduced to the pan track. Then we went on the horses back and then we competed on horseback.  We competed on the mission track and then we had an awards ceremony. I won Saturdays race and then on Sunday I came third place. On Sunday competition. We rode a dressage track at the dressage track we hand a left turn we were first to x Point and then we stopped the horse to x point. Then we went left and then we made  an gentle curl first to the left and then we turned right and we made a gentle curl to the right and then we went back and we stopped the horses x point. Then we hand an awards ceremony, and I came in third place and then we went to eat food and then we went to pack the stuffs.